Monday, September 22, 2014

Our newest giving partner Children of Bellevue

I was so happy when I connected with a wonderful organization here in New York City called Children of Bellevue.  This organization is an auxiliary of Bellevue Hospital, one of the largest public hospitals here in New York City.  They were so happy to receive hundreds of pajamas to give to pediatric patients who come into the hospital each day.  Bellevue also has one of the largest psychiatric wards for pediatric patients in the city, and so many children stay for extended periods of time in the psychiatric unit that I was amazed to hear that the New York Department of Education operates a school on hospital grounds for those children.  It was quite something to see the extensive the services Bellevue offers, and I was inspired and impressed by the team at the Children of Bellevue.  I met the head of social work for the hospital as well as a young woman who runs the Room to Read program at Bellevue.   They gave out 14,000 new books last year to children in need, quite an amazing feat.

As I read more about the Children of Bellevue I was touched to learn that the organization started in 1949 with a small group of women and a washing machine and the idea that children should have a nice pair of pajamas to wear in the hospital.  The motto to this day is that children need "more than medicine" to thrive, and warm, nice pajamas were a part of this idea.  All these years later, when I called Bellevue to see if they would take our donations, I had no idea that I was following in a tradition of women working to help sick children through simple acts like providing pajamas.

The Children of Bellevue still operates on the motto that children need more than medicine to heal and thrive, and they support children and families in all sorts of ways in this pursuit.  I feel lucky to have met and witnessed a wonderful group of people dedicating their lives to improving the lives of others, and I can't wait to see some of our jammies on children in need right here in NYC.

To see more of the work of the Children of Bellevue, check out their site www.

Here I am with the amazing team and just some of the hundreds of pjs we gave thanks to all of you!


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