Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Our newest giving partner World Health Equity

I am thrilled to announce our newest giving partner World Health Equity!

World Health Equity (WHE) was started by a young and clearly very talented woman Jennifer Kamara, to work with local communities in northern Sierre Leone to start a pilot health clinic.  In this region, where about 200,000 people live, there is only one doctor who works in the closest town, two miles away from the site where the clinic will be built.

What impresses me about this organization is its grassroots, change from the bottom up, approach.  Rather than imposing change from the outside, WHE, under the leadership of Jennifer who is a native of Sierre Leone, is working with local community members to make change through building health systems.  We have so many examples of the effectiveness of involving local communities in making change and the importance of embowering local populations to be change agents.

WHE is working to solve some of the issues we are especially concerned about relating to women and children.  In this area with high rates of malnutrition, pregnancy, childbirth, and infancy are particularly challenging.  Sadly half of the children in the region do not live to see their 5th birthdays, and instances of maternal mortality are high.

We hope that our pajamas make a difference in the lives of the people in this area of great need, and we look forward to seeing your donations on these beautiful children.

Please visit www.worldhealthequity to learn more about the amazing work WHE is doing!!
You can also see their work on Facebook and Twitter!

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