Friday, March 14, 2014

Giving in Nepal - Nyaya Health

Yesterday we brought 30 pairs of warm, footed pajamas to the New York office of Nyaya Health  This organization provides medical care for rural populations in Nepal.  Started by doctors from Yale University, Nyaya is a partner of Partners in Health, one of the leading organizations in creating health systems in developing countries.

I love the way that Nyaya describes its values, starting with the word Nyaya (‘knee-eye-uh’) which means “the realization of just systems” in Nepali. 

As they say on their site: "We chose that [Nyaya] because we aren’t the type of people to sit around and talk about justice. The word implies action, and we are all about realizing the right to health by delivering transparent, data-driven health care for Nepal’s rural poor.
Our cultural DNA is really important to us. And it’s best described by imagining what would happen if you collided the care and concern of a global health doctor with the insatiable drive towards efficiency and scale of a technology entrepreneur.
I also love how they describe the values of their organization, starting with putting patients first "not our own egos - the dignity and opportunity of our patients is far more important." 
This kind of selfless action for justice and the rights of health care for all are at the heart of this organization.  I can't wait to see photos of children in this region in your donated pajamas. 

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