Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Giving Partners

We continue to expand our sites where we give pajamas - we now give the the following places: Village Health Works, where we started. It was through my interactions with the doctors at this rural clinic, in one of the poorest countries in the world, that I learned about the life saving benefits of footed pajamas. We have been sending pajamas there for several years and are happy to be able to continue that! www.villagehealthworks.org Sacred Valley Health. This organization serves communities in the Cusco region of rural Peru. Many of these villages are without road access for at least part of the year which makes medical care very difficult. There are also high rates of malnutrition among children in this region - close to 35%. Sacred Valley Health trains community health workers (community members) to identity, treat, and refer patients. We are grateful to the teams of nurses that go from the Unites States to this region with Sacred Valley Health for bringing our pajamas to the children there. www.sacredvalleyhealth.org Bridge Haven Transitional Home. This is a homeless shelter in the Bronx, New York, just 5 miles from my house in Manhattan, New York. This area of the Bronx is the poorest congressional district in the entire country. While children at this shelter are not at risk of dying from malnutrition like we see in other places, the needs are great, with most of the people in this area, and at Bridge Haven, living below the poverty line. Bridge Haven is part of the Samaritan Village social service agencies and offers housing and counseling for struggling families. www.samaritanvillage.org Please like us on Facebook to follow our work and our expanding partnerships! www.facebook/bennisongives.com


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