Friday, March 8, 2013

Pajama story #1

The people at Village Health Works have decided to send me stories of those children who have received the pajamas we sent over.  They continue to distribute them, and these stories really help to contextualize who these children are and to give us a sense of their lives.  Here is the first story - the names are anonymous due to patient confidentiality.  I hope to get photos also (apparently they just need to keep the names confidential).  

Here is the note about a little boy, 13 years old (nicknamed I.N. for purposes of this story).  You might wonder how a 13 year old is wearing footed pajamas size 5 toddler?  Please read below about his weight and size.

Here is an anonymous story about one of the patients, who recently wore one of the pajamas (Melchiade said he would send photos shortly, which I will forward along as soon as possible.): I.N is a 13 year-old boy weighing 13.4 kg (29.5lbs) and 103cm (3.37ft) tall with a BMI <-3DS. He's from outside of our catchment area, born to a family of eight children--he's not the only child suffering from malnutrition. He was hospitalized in the Village Health Works malnutrition ward for treatment of acute severe malnutrition. According to his medical history, it's his sixth hospitalization for the same cause. I.N. since birth drank his mother's breastmilk because of the absence of formula and other breastmilk. Every day, they looked for a lactating woman near I.N to breastfeed him. I.N. is in the fourth grade, and he has never failed a class. However, his progress in school has been inhibited by repeated hospitalization. Nevertheless, he is the first or second ranked student in his class. After 10 days of hospitalizatio, he left our services in a stable condition.

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