Friday, March 15, 2013

Butaro Hospital, Rwanda

I wanted to share an illustration and article from Partners in Health which illustrates how their hospital in the Butaro district of Rwanda has had a ripple affect in transforming Rwandan society.  It is an interesting example of how institutionalizing change, particularly through the development of a medical facility, can transform a society from the bottom up.  Partners in Health was co-founded by Paul Farmer  who is on the board of Village Health Works and is a close friend of Deo and Village Health Works.  Paul's life and work is the subject of another of Tracy Kidder's books called _Mountains Beyond Mountains_.  A remarkable story and a must read.  When we were in Burundi, we spent time with an American woman who was spending a month in Africa looking at hospitals like Village Health Works. She had just come from Butaro Hospital in Rwanda and marveled at how Rwandan society has made such strides and progress since the war and how Burundi has been forgotten by so many.  We can learn a great deal from looking at Partners in Health and what they have done, and we hope to build something similar in Burundi.  These institutions are beacons of hope in these areas and serve as examples for the rest of the world.  This is not just about providing medical care but about creating momentum for change and hope emanating from the people themselves.

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