Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Women's Cooperatives - this is how a road is made

Dziwe and Dad

These are women who come to VHW to work with the agronomist on staff to learn how to farm in healthy ways.  There is an entire teaching garden which is amazing.  The soil is very fertile, but there has been very little education about what to grow and how to grow it.  These women were taking an exam on what they had learned. 

Women gather at the clinic once a week to work together - weaving, gardening, and volunteering.  It is an important time to build community and friendships.  As Deo explained, this has become a very important part of the healing process for a people who have undergone such trauma and war. 

When we were there, community members were volunteering their time to build a road.  What an amazing scene this was.  The women carried the bricks on their heads, one group of men danced as they passed the bricks, and another group sang as they laid the bricks.  All the while the music from the music groups was emanating from the surrounding buildings.  It was a magical scene. 

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