Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Village Health Works

This is the beautiful view from the new staff residence where doctors and staff members will be able to stay when they work at the clinic. 

A room in the staff residence - not yet completed, but you can see how pretty it will be!

Deo with two Burundian doctors at the clinic.  These smiles are present everywhere. 

A typical day: patients line up starting at 5 in the morning; here they are speaking to doctors to assess what kind of treatment they need.  They have very meticulous medical records and are very professional and systematic when seeing patients. 

Most of the patients are women and children.  Many suffer from malnutrition.  I learned while there that malnutrition is at the base of many illnesses in Burundi.  

A common scene of children caring for children. 

These beautiful faces are everywhere.  

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