Monday, February 4, 2013

Going to Burundi

I leave for Burundi on Thursday!  My dad and I will fly from JFK to Bujumbura, and capital of Burundi.  We will spend one night there, and then we will head 2 1/2 hours to Kigutu where Village Health Works is located.  We will spend the remainder of our stay there.  Thanks to Sharon Jacob, who bought 250 pairs of pajamas (!) and the generosity of others, we are bringing with us about 300 pairs of footed pajamas.  The kindergarten classes at Sacred Heart all made notes and cards for me to take to the children of Burundi.  The first graders at Buckley did the same.  I am bringing photographs of our school children to share with the children and families in Burundi, and I am also bringing paper and pens in hopes that I can bring some notes back.  This is my first post of my first blog ever, but I will try to update it as I go assuming I have power and internet access.  The journey begins!!! 

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