Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Pediatric Ward

More children from the pediatric ward.  You can see the signs of malnutrition I mentioned before. 

This mother is feeding her child Plumpy nut, a peanut butter like substance that can cure malnutrition.  I think it costs something like $7 for a whole course of Plumpy nut; in other words, you can save a child's life for as much as a trip to Starbucks. 

Another precious child. 

This woman was really delirious - she smiled and waved, but it was clear that she is really sick.  She has advanced stage HIV.  I felt very alarmed when I saw her, but Deo was quick to tell me "She'll be ok.  We can treat that."  Below image of the pajamas arriving - it started pouring rain! 

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