Sunday, February 10, 2013


I am finally able to get on line after many attempts.  What an amazing two days it has been! We left Bujumbura, the capital of Burundi, on Saturday morning and drove to Kigutu, where village health works is located.  Kigutu is a rural community in the mountains-when driving one sees absolutely beautiful landscapes.  We drove along lake tangayika, an enormous lake, apparently the second deepest lake in the world.  It is gorgeous, and the landscape of trees and hills feels peaceful and beautiful.  There are many people walking within the small villages and from point A to B.  half of the women, no matter the age, carry babies on their backs (50% of the population here is under age 16).  Many women also carry things in their heads - water buckets, branches, bandannas, etc.  it is amazing sight.  The poverty is striking, and it leaves me with s many questions about how life must be in these conditions.

On Saturday afternoon we arrived at Village health works which is really a haven of peace, hope and tranquility in the midst of terrible poverty.  When we arrived Wendy Steiner, former head of the English department at the university of. Pennsylvania and a a prolific a writer, was there with a group of mucisians teaching the children recorder, bells and music.  You can imagine the beautiful scene in the hills with music playing as we toured the buildings.  Tomorrow we will go. Back to see the clinic and the rest f the school.

Before I forget, we had an amazing experience this morning.  We went to a church. Service as a local Anglican Church.  We arrived to the sounds of music outside the church. And swarms if people.  The children crowded around the car and were fascinated by my digital camera- I don't think they had ever seen images f themselves in a camera like that. It was a three hour service, and they asked my dad to speak which was great.  Very moving and such a special experience.

I am having trouble uploading photos from here, but I wil definitely it when I can so that you can see everything.  Tomorrow. I will hand out your pajamas to the children and olive and charlotte's classmates notes.  I will take plenty of pictures!  Your thoughts and generosity mean so much to the people here- I can feel it.

Good night for now - will post again just as soon as I can!!

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