Thursday, February 28, 2013

Deo, Dziwe, and Village Health Works

Deo and me.  It occurred to me that some reading this blog may not know the original reason we went to Burundi, and it all has to do with my good friend Deo!  He is from Burundi, and his amazing life story is told in Tracy Kidder's book _The Strength in What Remains_.  I won't tell you any more here - you have to read the book to learn more!  But he founded Village Health Works and is such an inspirational person. He also lives in New York, and I hope as many of you can meet him as possible. 

Deo and Dad - they had a great time together. 

Dad with Dziwe.  Dziwe and Deo met at Harvard, and Dziwe co-founded Village Health Works with Deo.  He is an amazing doctor and friend who works in emergency medicine in New York and Burundi.  I learned so much from talking to Dziwe and the accessible way he explains how the clinic works and the types of medical problems they see.  We all had a terrific time together! 


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